The industry is seeing an increased interest in wearable technology. Google already has its own offering out, Google Glass, which it intends on releasing to the public in 2014. Microsoft is reportedly working on something along the same lines. Apple is rumored to be developing a smart watch, and so is Samsung. On the other hand, Sony already has a watch out in the market. Today it announced that the SmartWatch is now being opened up to developers, they can create and load their alternative firmwares on it.

Sony is calling this “experimental project” Open SmartWatch, hoping that it will result in a lot of innovation. Developers will now be able to create and run their own firmwares on Sony’s little wearable gadget. Developers previously had the ability to only create apps for this gadget, now they’ll enjoy even greater acess. At the moment no alternative firmwares are available for Sony SmartWatch, but its only a matter of time before some developer comes out with the very first one. All details for those who might be interested in this project have been posted on the new Open SmartWatch Project web page.

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