T-Mobile was expected to being “phase 2” of its UNcarrier initiative towards the end of June, and it has reportedly begun. The carrier is said to be training store employees, educating them about the new services in phase 2, which will reportedly bring a new prepaid plan as well called ‘Simple Choice with no credit check’ or SCNC. Evidently, customers won’t have to go through a credit check if they opt for this plan.

Apparently T-Mobile has made some changes to the deposits required for SCNC, a purported internal memo shows that $10 per line has been shaved off. The memo says that this change brings deposits at par with rate plan monthly recurring charges, making it much easier for customers to understand the plan. It is expected that T-Mobile UNcarrier phase 2 goes live for customers on or after July 14th. Yesterday we covered yet another internal memo that offered more details about the SCNC plan. The equipment installment plan will not be offered with SCNC, meaning that customers will have to pay upfront for their devices. Nevertheless, it will definitely be a good option for those who don’t want to get their credit checked. [Image via TmoNews]

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