All-in-one PCs have always been a popular choice for students or families that want to dedicate corner of their home to be the designated computer spot, without having the mess of a full desktop and its several millions of wires. Since notebook computers have become increasingly more powerful, so have AIOs as they’re now able to incorporate much of the hardware that is included in a notebook machine into one easy-to-use desktop computer. Toshiba is no stranger to the AIO PC as they have created a number of them, such as their LX835 which they announced just last summer, but the company is fine tuning its next AIO to make it a little more pleasing to the eye, while at the same time offering some improved specs and features that aren’t found in many AIOs on the market.

The Toshiba PX35t is the company’s latest all-in-one PC offering which features a much improved look and feel as it’s covered in a combination of an aluminum finish, glass and plastic. The PX35t has a 23-inch Full HD 1080p touchscreen, 4 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0 ports and some improved internal specs that allow you to choose from an Intel Core i3 to i7 CPU. An HDMI-in port is also available, which will allow you to hook up an external device, like a video game console or cable box, to then use the AIO’s 23-inch display as a monitor for that device. A Toshiba representative said the PX35t would make an ideal PC for someone in a dorm room or other small living space which would allow the user to have the best of both worlds as they’d be able to not only make use of a 23-inch AIO PC, but also use the same screen to watch television or play video games.

Toshiba made the PX35t more versatile than its previous AIO PCs as users will now be able to make use of parts of the computer without having to keep it on all the time. Two such features that make use of the AIO is the sleep-n-charge and sleep-n-music modes which allow you to charge devices using the AIO’s USB ports or use its speakers only. This could certainly save some unnecessary wear and tear of the computer as you either charge your mobile devices or listen to some tunes.


Not only has the actual AIO part of the PC been improved in the Toshiba PX35t, but also its mouse and keyboard have also received a bump up from what was previously offered. Both the mouse and keyboard are made of an aluminum finish and have been flattened out a bit to make them much thinner. Using both the mouse and keyboard momentarily, we could certainly tell they both felt comfortable to use in addition to giving this AIO a more premium look.

The Toshiba PX35t is expected to be made available later this month starting at $1,029.99 for the base model, which gets you an Intel Core i3 CPU. The high-end version of the PX35t comes with an Intel Core i7, 1TB hard drive, 16GB of RAM and a 2GB NVIDIA 740M GPU.

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