We recently saw a DIY Tumbler, which is the Batmobile of choice for the latest The Dark Knight trilogy and were completely blown away by it, especially since its a street-legal vehicle. But now that we’ve seen this Tumbler Tractor, we can easily place the DIY Tumbler in second place for the coolest Tumbler we’ve ever seen.

The Tumbler Tractor was built in the Netherlands and sports an overall look that would make us believe Bruce Wayne would seriously consider a life of framing if he ever feast his eyes on this thing of beauty. As you can see by the image above, the tractor features some seriously big tires, with its front tires resembling the ones that would be featured on Batman’s tumbler.

We’re sure the look of this tractor isn’t a complete coincidence as we don’t think there’s any way it was built by someone who wasn’t a fan of The Dark Knight trilogy. Either way, if there was an actual Bruce Wayne living in this world, we’re have a feeling he’s laying low somewhere in the Netherlands.

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