It was back in April when Twitter #music was announced. The updated app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was rolled out today, it brings a number of much needed improvements. Genres are on-board now, allowing users to discover music based on the various styles of music. Five more Charts types have been added as well, initially the app only came with Popular and Emerging charts.

Twitter hasn’t said how its new service has been performing this past few months, however its popularity is expected to increase as Apple may incorporate Twitter Music in iOS 7. This service isn’t a music streaming service, it basically allows users to discover new music, which is featured in the app based on its popularity on the micro-blogging site. Users are then connected to Spotify and Rdio so that they can listen to tracks they’ve discovered, in full. Alternative, Country, Dance, Electronic, Folk, Metal, Pop, R7B, Hip-Hop and Rock genres are listed in the app, the new charts include Superstars, Popular, Emerging, Unearthed and Hunted. Music will be listed in these charts based on its popular on Twitter, the essential formula of the app’s discovery service remains untouched. The updated app is now available for download from iTunes App Store.

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