twittermusicEarlier today we reported that Twitter had a big announcement to share, and some speculated that it would be Twitter Music, and sure enough that’s what it is! The social media website has announced that Twitter #music would be launching today and as expected, Twitter will be leveraging their users and their tweets to help you discover new music, such as what sort of bands you follow, what sort of bands your bands follow and so on.

Twitter #music will launch as an iPhone app and users will be able to discover music through four different ways – Popular, Emerging, Suggested, and #NowPlaying. Popular will basically show users what sort of music is trending, e.g. PSY’s Gentleman, Emerging will suggest artists that might be on the rise, Suggested will recommend you songs based on the types of bands or artists you are following, and #NowPlaying will basically show you what kind of music is being listened to by the people you follow.

According to Twitter’s blog, the source of the music will come from three different places – iTunes, Spotify and Rdio, with iTunes allowing for preview of the song before you buy it, while Spotify and Rdio users can simply log into their account to listen to the song in its entirety. These will be the three initial sources with Twitter stating that they will continue to explore and possibly add new service providers in the future (iRadio, perhaps?).

The Twitter #music app will be available for download via the iTunes App Store later today. No word on when the Android version will be made available, but Twitter #music can be accessed via Twitter’s website as well.

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