courtroom-digitalThe government of the day in the UK claims that they want to push courtrooms in both England and Wales to be fully digital by the time 2016 rolls around, in an effort to end what they deem as “an outdated reliance on paper”. Of course, what does a fully digital courtroom entail? Judges hammering down on iPads? Court secretaries using Swype instead of shorthand? We do know that the revamp will be part of a £160m plan, with the final intention of improving not only the speed, but efficiency of the criminal justice system as well.

Apart from that, we will also see measures taken that include secure Wi-Fi connections in courts, letting lawyers and judges access all the necessary documents without missing a beat, or to lose sleep over security concerns. Justice Minister Damian Green claims that this plan will be able to transform the courts system into a “modern public service”. Do you think that this move will be a successful, and more importantly, an effective one?

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