pentax3dprintThe advancement of technology in the modern day and age has seen many changes among humanity, with most of them benefitting us rather than being detrimental. 3D printing is one of those areas that have proved to be beneficial, and you could more or less lump Prevoteau Mathieu’s Pentax prototype under that category. This prototype would rely on a 3D printer in order to produce a small model of items that you photograph. Imagine snapping a photo of flowers, where hooking up the camera to the printer would result in a 3D printed version of the very same flowers that you captured digitally.


In a way, these 3D printed photos will be able to be touched and felt by the visually impaired, giving them a visual picture on what kind of flower you have just captured, instead of relying on plain words to describe them. This Pentax camera prototype also encourages the visually impaired to explore their inner photographer skills, as it comes with a large button that makes snapping photos a cinch, in addition to logo-based adjustable camera settings that make photo tweaking a simple affair.

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