vizio-mt11xToday is definitely Samsung’s day when it comes to news concerning Windows 8 powered tablets and other similarly operated devices, Vizio might be working in the background all this while, and most of us would think of the company as rolling out TVs that are capable of hitting the sweet spot between price and performance, but who would have thought that they would indulge in the tablet market with the $599.99 Vizio MT11X-A1?

This particular tablet will share the same kind of specifications that it did when it was first unveiled earlier this year, which means it is six months late to the market already since from the beginning of this year, many advancements had been made already to the world of tablets, so what comes out today with specifications from six months back, no matter how cutting edge it might have seemed then, would be considered to be jaded to a certain extent. Still, the Vizio MT11X-A1 is no slouch, as it sports a 1080p display, 64GB SSD, a front-facing 2-megapixel camera and stereo speakers, but it seems to be held back by an older AMD Z-60 processor, a mere 2GB RAM and just five hours of battery life.

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