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Vizio Hops On Board The OLED Bandwagon With Its New 2020 TVs
In the TV market, Samsung and LG are two of the more prominent makers of OLED televisions, but it looks like we can add yet another manufacture to the list in the form of Vizio. At CES 2020, the company announced that they will be adding OLED TVs to their lineup, where the 2020 lineup includes a variety of TVs ranging from low-end to higher-end OLEDs.

Vizio TVs Are Now Receiving Support For AirPlay 2 And HomeKit
Soon after LG started rolling out support for these Apple technologies to its 2019 4K TVs, Vizio is following suit as well. Vizio is one of the companies that was confirmed to bring support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit to its TVs earlier this year. To that end, it’s now rolling out a firmware update for supported TVs.

Vizio Launches SmartCast 3.0 Beta With AirPlay 2 Support
Vizio had confirmed during the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 earlier this month that it will soon add AirPlay 2 support to all of its SmartCast TVs released since 2016. The company has launched a beta of its upcoming SmartCast 3.0 update which brings support for AirPlay 2. Those who have a compatible Vizio smart TV and are based in the United States or Canada can take part in this beta.

All Vizio SmartCast TVs Since 2016 Get AirPlay 2 Support
Several TV manufacturers confirmed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 this week in Las Vegas that they will be adding Apple AirPlay 2 support to some of their new TVs soon. Vizio was one of them and it has now confirmed an additional detail which will bring joy to many of its customers. The company has confirmed that all of its SmartCast TVs released since 2016 will not only get […]


Vizio’s Smart TVs Will Let Users Know If They Have Been Spied On
Smart TVs in concept are great when you think about all the features that they offer that goes beyond what regular TVs offer. Unfortunately there are some drawbacks to this, which Vizio users are well-aware of because if you don’t recall, the company got in a trouble a while back when they were discovered “spying” on its users.

Vizio SmartCast TVs Get Support For Alexa Voice Controls
The list of devices that you can control by giving voice commands to Amazon’s Alexa assistant keeps on growing. Vizio has announced today that it has introduced the Vizio SmartCast skill for Alexa which will allow owners of its 2017 and 2016 SmartCast P, M, and E Series 4K TVs to control their units with voice commands. Those who own a supported TV can now use an Alexa-enabled device to […]

Failed Acquisition Compels Vizio To Sue LeEco For $100 Million
Chinese technology company LeEco quickly made a name for itself as it took big and bold steps to establish a position in the market. It went so far as to create an autonomous all-electric car. Things have been going from bad to worse for the company over the past few months. It even had to abandon its proposed acquisition to TV-manufacturer Vizio. It’s going to cost LeEco, though, as Vizio […]

Vizio's New Soundbar Comes With Google Assistant And Chromecast Support
Vizio was recently in the news after it was confirmed by LeEco that it had decided to give up on its planned $2 billion acquisition of the former. That obviously hasn’t stopped Vizio from forging its way forward. The company today announced a couple of new audio products which include a soundbar that’s compatible with Chromecast and even comes with Google Assistant baked in.

LeEco Gives Up On Vizio Acquisition, Settles For 'Collaborative Partnership'
LeEco announced in the summer last year that it was going to acquire TV maker Vizio for $2 billion. Reports at that time suggested that the two companies had been negotiating for almost two years before they reached an agreement. Not a lot of progress has been made on the matter since then and LeEco today announced that it’s not going to proceed with the Vizio acquisition.

LeEco Vizio Acquisition Stalled
There’s a lot of news out there about the financial troubles that LeEco has been facing over the past few months and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better for the company. According to a new report out of China, LeEco’s proposed $2 billion acquisition of the TV maker Vizio has been stalled. One of the reasons cited for this in the report is China’s restrictions on “movement of […]

Vizio Unveils New And Affordable 4K TVs
When you think of large screen TVs with a 4K resolution, there’s a good chance you’re probably thinking about how expensive such setups will cost. We’ve seen how some brands and depending on the size, can beyond the $1,000 limit, which frankly speaking is more than what some out there would pay.

Vizio Settles With The FTC Over TV Tracking Issues
When you’re watching your TV shows, when you flip channels, and so on, those are important pieces of data that companies can use to identify your watching habits, which in turn allows marketers to create ads that can target you better. Obviously this kind of tracking is considered by some an invasion of privacy, but thankfully it is a feature that can be turned off.

Vizio Smart Devices Get Google Home Compatibility
Google Home is a great resource for controlling compatible smart devices like TVs or speakers and it’s already supported by several big manufacturers. Vizio today announced that all of its SmartCast products are now compatible with the Google Home platform. The company’s SmartCast products including TVs, speakers, surround-sound systems, soundbars, and more.

LeEco Launches 85 Inch 4K TV In The U.S.
You may or may not have heard about LeEco. It’s a Chinese company that’s looking to take the U.S. by storm. The company is conducting its launch event for this lucrative market today and the first piece of hardware it has announced is the uMax85. It’s an 85 inch 4K TV that runs on Google’s Android TV platform. LeEco recently made headlines by acquiring one of the biggest TV manufacturers […]