WhatsApp recently mentioned they had reached an extremely impressive milestone of delivering 27 billion messages a day. A little over a week later, the messaging application is announcing another impressive milestone as it has surpassed 250 million monthly active users, which also happens to be the first time they disclose just how many users it has.

WhatsApp surpassing 250 million active users certainly is an impressive milestone, especially when you consider just how little marketing the application does for itself. To compare, Twitter announced this past December it had over 200 million monthly active users, while in October, Skype said they reached over 280 million monthly active users.

If WhatsApp were to ever market itself beyond simple word of mouth or the occasional mention in a tech blog, the service could easily dwarf its competition. Considering just how popular WhatsApp at this point, we’re sure its developers are completely fine with how they’re doing things, especially when they have numbers like these to refer to.

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