We often see major companies coming up with unique ideas. Some of these ideas are implemented in their offices all around the world. Reports coming in from Japan reveal that Amazon has actually, for lack of a better word, hired goats. The goats reportedly come to Amazon Japan’s Gifu Perfecture distribution center to mow the lawn and eradicate weeds from it, guess how they do that? They use their natural herbivorous instincts to eat all of it.


Environmental agencies keep a stern eye on big global countries to ensure that their actions do no harm the environment. Companies therefore take a number of steps to ensure conservation of the environment, and using goats to mow the lawn instead of fuel powered mowers is definitely an interesting step.This is actually not the first time that herbivorous animals have been chosen for this purpose. It was reported back in 2009 that Google too had started using goats for mowing laws and getting rid of weeds. This practice is to reportedly go on at the Gifu Perfecture distribution center until fall. [Images via Doshin Web]

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