blackberry-a10-1We’ve been hearing a fair bit about the upcoming BlackBerry A10, and while the device has yet to be formally announced and actually put up for sale, the folks at N4BB have actually managed to get their hands on the device, although it was in the most unlikely of places – a local grocery store in Waterloo, Canada. It seems that Max Salman of N4BB spotted someone in front of him using the device and surprisingly the person who was using it actually confirmed that it was the A10! We have to wonder if he will get in trouble with BlackBerry for doing that, but presumably he knew what he was doing.

In any case the person even let Salman play with the device for a short spell, and according to initial impressions, this what Salman had to say about the phone:

The bezel of the A10 was not intrusive at all. The larger display created the illusion that the bezel was even thinner than it was in reality. The glass of the display covered the entire remainder of the front of the phone, curving at the edges slightly. The A10′s 5-inch AMOLED display rendered BlackBerry 10 very much like the Q10 (i.e. PenTile).

The back of the phone was a single piece of glass weave material, it felt similar to the Q10′s back, just obviously larger. However, the battery is not removable. Overall, the A10 felt very nice, not plasticky, and definitely not made of cheap materials.

Assuming this report is accurate, it seems like the A10 is shaping up to be a pretty solid device, at least on the hardware front, but we’ll probably need to get our hands on the device ourselves and take it for a spin before coming to our own conclusion, but what do you guys make of this initial hands-on? Does the A10 sound like a device you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on?

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