Blackberry-Logo-hiresTo say that you work at BlackBerry these days does not quite carry the same kind of badge of honor that it would have many years back, when BlackBerry was a well respected name, and there was no such thing as an iPhone just yet. Well, fast forward to today, and BlackBerry has fallen so far behind the mobile phone market, so much so that it is even considered to be behind the Windows Phone 8 operating system in fourth place, with iOS and Android tussling it out between each other for the top spot.

This means BlackBerry needs all the help that they can get in order to maintain a competitive edge, but even that seems to be taken away from them, as we have learnt that BlackBerry will lay off another 250 employees from its new product testing and R&D department. This continues from where the company left off last year, having let go approximately 5,000 employees then. To trim your R&D team at a time like this certainly does not bode well for the company’s future, and do you think the company will be more efficient with the latest round of layoffs, as it suggests?

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