A few days ago BlackBerry rolled out a maintenance release update for OS 10.1. The new platform was unveiled earlier this year in January, since then BlackBerry has released three smartphones that are powered by its new BlackBerry 10 platform. The OS 10.1 update itself was released a couple of months ago, the maintenance release brought incremental changes to help users “keep moving.” Many users are now complaining that the update contains bugs that wipe all content from text messages, delete said messages and even block text messaging functionality altogether.

BlackBerry hasn’t acknowledged the issue as yet, so its too soon to say if it has started working on a fix. If you do own a BlackBerry 10 device and have received a notification for this particular OTA update, it is better that you hold off on it. Hopefully the company will release a statement regarding this soon. Different users seem to be affected in different ways by these bugs, the issue doesn’t seem to be widespread or event consistent for all users. BlackBerry is also going to launch its OS 10.2 major update in the coming weeks.

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