3D printing is definitely a domain that is worth exploring, as technology in this aspect has advanced pretty far to date in order to make quite an impact. In fact, home-based 3D printing could very well be the next big thing, as the total ownership cost is reduced to make the entire setup more affordable to the masses. Having said that, to be in possession of printed and online maps would be able to give one an excellent perspective on the city itself as well as other terrain, but there are moments when checking out an actual model of the entire city would allow us to have an even better sense of just where every building and every street is located.

This is what the Chicago Architecture Foundation has set out to do – to provide such a detailed arrangement to its citizens and tourists. The foundation relied on 3D printing to churn out models of all the buildings in the city for The Chigaco Model, which happens to be an up-to-date and accurate three-dimensional representation of Chicago. When you add color to the entire shebang, the final work would definitely be surreal to say the least.

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