There’s nothing more fun than driving around a go-kart. Well – actually, we can think of a lot of things that may be more fun, but for the purpose of this story, imagine if driving a go-kart is the most fun you can have ever. Now what if you could have a go-kart that is able to drive and drift in any direction? Then you just upped the fun factor of a go-kart by at least 15%.

Razor, who you may have heard of if you happen to have purchased one of their scooters, has unveiled its Crazy Cart. The Crazy Cart is an electric go-kart that can drive and drift in any direction for up to 40 minutes on a full charge. Once those 40 minutes of juice are depleted, you’ll need up to 12 hours to charge it, making it a go-kart that can pretty much only be used once a day.

Razor’s Crazy Cart is sold exclusively at Toys “R” Us and is priced at $400, which we think would make the Crazy Cart more than just a “toy” at that price. Considering it can only be driven around for 40 minutes per day, a $400 price tag might be a little too steep, but those will probably be the most fun 40 minutes you’ll experience in an entire day.

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