arduino-hackaphoneIt must be said that the clever use of an Arduino chipset in the right hands would yield some fascinating results, as we were privy to in the past. Well, it does seem as though we have come up face to face with yet another interesting Arduino creation which many would mistake it to be a baby monitor at first glance. Actually, it is something else altogether, and assuming we were able to travel back in time, this would most probably end up as some sort of high end cellphone, back when there was no such thing as smartphnoes. Yes sir, what you see above is a DIY cellphone with Arduino running proceedings from underneath the hood.

This DIY cellphone works as claimed, where you are able to make and receive calls, in addition to send text messages via GPRS. Alright, so GPRS is like, super ancient and all, but at the very least, you can DIY it, right? According to Hackaday, this unique creation is the brainchild of a lone hacker who goes by the handle “Victorzie”, using off-the-shelf and modded parts which are then connected to an Arduino Uno microcontroller before being crammed into a 3D printed case.

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