hontoAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but if Jack were to play all day long, then he might not end up getting good grades at school, which will inadvertently affect his future for the general case (exceptions, please take a different line). Having said that, most of us would associate a device like the Nintendo 3DS to be a gaming device, and not exactly an educational one, but Dai Nippon Printing, a major Japanese printing company, did share over the course of the Tokyo International Book Fair that they will be working alongside Nintendo in order to roll out a new kind of e-book reader which is specially geared for kids this Fall for the Nintendo 3DS.

Dai Nippon Printing claims that they have stumbled upon a particular truth – that Nintendo 3DS users happen to comprise of many grade-school children, which would make it the ideal device to introduce e-books that are a snap to read. Over the years, Dai Nippon Printing did place more and more emphasis on their e-book business, and they see the Nintendo 3DS to be a potential vehicle to help them along in the right direction where this business is concerned. What do you think of your Nintendo 3DS being more than just a gaming device, and will folks outside of Japan catch this vision as well?

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