fb-flickr-removeWhen it comes to Windows 8.1, there has been plenty of buzz surrounding this operating system version update in recent times, and we did talk about how Windows 8.1 preview has received an update to squash several bugs, in addition to Microsoft improving laptop trackpad performance to the level where it should be. Well, here we are with more news about Windows 8.1 – it seems that Microsoft intends to do away with Facebook and Flickr from the photos app in Windows 8. Translated into plain English, this would mean you are unable to view photos from those services from a single place.

According to the folks over at Microsoft, this particular feature was included in Windows 8 at the beginning to deal with the initial lack of app support. Since Windows 8 have taken off for some months already, and several apps do exist which replicates this feature, it is hence deemed as expendable. If it is any consolation to you, there will be an official Facebook app coming our way for Windows 8 which should offer more than a decent alternative for you to view photos from your social network. Flickr has yet to announce the existence of an official app, unfortunately.

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