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Flickr Extends Image Deletion Deadline To March 12th
Flickr introduced a new pricing plan last year. Users had to pay $50 for the Pro tier which would allow unlimited storage of photos. The company decided to limit users on the free tier to just 1,000 image uploads. Those who were over the limit were told to either pay $50 for the membership or backup the additional images because Flickr would delete them by February 5th. That deadline has […]

Flickr’s Storage Changes Won’t Affect Institutions
For a while now, Flickr had offered users of its free tier 1TB of free photo storage. However that has changed as last week, the company announced that its 1TB storage offer would be coming to an end, and that instead of offering its free users 1TB of data, they will only be offering them a maximum of 1,000 photos per account.

Flickr Free 1TB Storage Will No Longer Be Offered
Flickr has announced some changes which impact those who use its free tier. The service, recently purchased by professional photo hosting service SmugMug, today confirmed that it will no longer offer 1TB of free storage. Users on the free tier will now be limited to 1,000 photos. This is the first major change of its kind made to Flickr after the service was acquired. It also confirmed that starting in […]

Flickr Has Been Sold To SmugMug
Flickr was acquired by Yahoo in 2005 for $35 million but the former’s fate has been up in the air following Yahoo’s acquisition by Verizon in 2017 for $4.5 billion. It was combined with AOL in Oath and since then it has been unclear what Verizon was planning to do with Flickr. It turns out, not much. Flickr has been sold to professional photo hosting service SmugMug. USA Today reports […]


Apple’s iPhones Account For 8 Out Of 10 Of Flickr’s Top Devices
With our smartphones sporting more-than-capable cameras, taking a photo on the go has become extremely easy. Just whip out your phone, fire up the camera app, and you’re good to go. This is compared to before where users had to bring around cameras which weren’t exactly convenient unless you had a reason for doing so.

iPhone Continues To Dominate Flickr In 2015
There are plenty of online photo storage and sharing websites, and Flickr is probably one of the more popular ones. The same can be said about camera types and brands as well, but according to Flickr’s statistics for the year 2015, it looks like Apple’s iPhone continues to dominate the Flickr platform.According to Flickr, it has been revealed that Apple’s iPhone has continued to rise in terms of dominance on […]

Flickr Virtual Reality App Launched For Gear VR
Flickr is one of the most widely used online destinations for photo-sharing, it’s also regularly used by professionals who use the Yahoo-owned service to showcase their work. That means that users have quite a bit of exceptional content to peruse, and what better way can there be than to experience an image in 360-degree virtual reality. The official Flickr virtual reality app has now been launched and it’s available for […]

Flickr For iPhone Gets Support For 3D Touch
3D Touch is one of the biggest features that the new iPhones have, the display is capable of ascertaining just how much force the user has applied in the tap to respond accordingly. This has allowed Apple to build new experiences in its native applications and it has even opened up 3D Touch to developers which means their apps can tap into it as well. Flickr joins the list of […]

Flickr Reintroduces Paid “Pro” Tier
A couple of years ago, Flickr sort of did away with their Pro tier. Basically the photo service took some of the features of the paid feature and added it to free accounts. However if you consider yourself a serious shutterbug and kind of missed what the paid Pro accounts gave to users last time, you’re in luck.Flickr has recently announced that they are bringing back the Pro tier, and […]

Study: Using Filters On Your Photos Will Increase Views
When it comes to using filters, traditional photographers tend to use as little of them as possible, and only in instances where the filter will result in a better photo. However when it comes to the casual photographer shooting with their phone and posting it on Instagram, it really doesn’t matter especially with the bevy of filter apps available.That being a recent study at Yahoo Labs has revealed that using […]

Flickr Updates Mobile Apps With New Features
Flickr today announced version 4.0 of its iOS and Android apps, the refreshed applications now feature Flickr’s unified design so users get the same experience all of their different devices when they use this service to share and store their images. The update also brings some new features for users which make it easier than ever to automatically store photos and videos in the cloud as well as edit images right […]

Yahoo’s Flickr Tab Extension Adds Beautiful Photos To Blank Pages
A couple of weeks ago we reported on a Google Chrome extension that basically put famous classic paintings into your blank tabs, thus making your tabs a bit prettier to look at and less boring, especially if you’re a huge fan of art and paintings by some of the greats. However if you’re not a fan of paintings but would rather have photos, you’re in luck.

Apple Overtakes Nikon As Second Top Camera Brand On Flickr
Flickr is an online photo sharing service used by photographers, both amateur and professional, from around the world. Some interesting data has come in from the service which shows just how much dominance the iPhone has in the world of smartphone photography. Flickr has released a list of top five overall camera brands on its service for 2014, and comparing that with the list of 2013, one sees that Apple […]

Flickr For iPad Has Finally Been Released
Now this is one announcement that photography enthusiasts are going to love. Many have longed for Flickr to release an official iPad app and finally the Yahoo-owned service has listened. The official Flickr for iPad application has been released. Flickr’s new app makes it easier for users to access, organize and share their pictures using what is arguably the most popular tablet on the planet.