fb-unfriendFor those of you out there who cannot live without attending to your social network once every few minutes, it would be imperative for you to own a smartphone that supports your favorite social network. For many of us, that would mean Facebook as well as Twitter to remain in touch with the rest of the world, so choose your smartphone’s operating system wisely. Windows Phone 8 might not be as illustrious as its Android and iOS counterparts, but this does not mean that developers are leaving it alone. No sir, a new beta version of Facebook for Windows Phone 8 has just been made available, where it will obviously arrive with a bunch of new features. Among the more interesting features introduced, the chief of them would be the ability to unfriend folks from the mobile app, and to unlike pages.


It sounds pretty trivial, I know, but sometimes, you just cannot wait and want to unfriend that particular person on the spot because she failed to invite you to a party where you do not know anyone else other than the host. Other changes in the new beta version include bug fixes concerning notifications and stability improvements.

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