facebook_logoFacebook users in the US, you might want to look out for a new treat tomorrow – with the introduction of an advanced searched feature which was announced earlier this year, calling it Graph Search. Just what the heck does Facebook’s Graph Search do? For starters, this particular tool would enable users to perform more advanced searches than normal. For instance, you can check out something more complex such as “Restaurants in San Francisco that my friends like” or “photos of my friends before 2000”, before being flooded with relevant results.

Of course, it will take a fair number of weeks before all Facebook users who happen to have the “US English” setting enjoy this new feature, but hey – better late than never, don’t you think so? Still several hundreds of millions of people will enjoy Graph Search later this week, according to Facebook who informed ABC News about it. This has been a long time in coming actually, where after over half a year of user testing and feedback, Facebook figured out that this particular product is more than ready to handle the whims and fancies of the masses. We do wonder what would the database of search queries look like.

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