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Apple Fined $27 Million In France For Slowing Down Old iPhones
Back in 2017, Apple intentionally throttled the performance of older iPhones to preserve its battery life. Even though it wasn’t a noticeable change for some, a lot of users did find it inconvenient.And, Apple also admitted to the fact soon enough – which did not leave a good impression with the iPhone users.For obvious reasons, some switched to Android smartphones but some consumers in France ended up complaining that to […]

La French Tech at CES 2020: 300+ Start-ups @ Eureka Park Jan 5-10, 2020
La French Tech is back at CES in Las Vegas this year, with more than 300 start-ups and Ubergizmo as an official media partner . Ubergizmo will cover the best French start-ups’ news and product launches during the tradeshow – Read our French Tech coverage here).La French Tech is the brand name used to describe the French start-up community: entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, public organizations, etc. committed to the growth […]

France Is Setting Up Its Own Space Force
The United States may have come up with the “Space Force” term, which is what the country’s newest branch of the military is called, but the idea is now being adopted by other nations as well. France has decided to create its own space command which will be tasked with defending its satellites. President Emmanuel Macron has approved plans to set up a space command within France’s air force by […]

France To Apply 'Ecotax' To Almost All Air Travel
The French government announced today that it plans to impose an “ecotax” on almost all air travel starting next year. The new tax is going to bring in around $200 million for the government which could be used for propping up modes of transportation with a lower carbon footprint such as trains.


UberPOP Banned In France After Taxi Drivers Protest
Uber is a service that has garnered its fair share of publicity before – and there are people who would flock to defend the role of Uber in today’s world, while others, such as taxi drivers, are certainly far from happy with the sense that Uber is eating into their livelihood. Well, France’s interior minister has just issued a ban on the low-cost car-sharing service known as UberPOP, and this […]

Anti-Amazon Amendment Passed By French Senate
It seems that France’s Senate has recently approved of an amendment to the “Lang Law”, which so happens to be a 1981 statute that will fix the price of books, in order to prevent online booksellers from coming up with steep discounts for the consumers, or to offer free shipping of books. Both La Cinquième République and Amazon have been duking out over this particular issue for the past eight […]

France Concerned Over wine And .vin Web Domains
When we talk about France as a country and the things it is famous for, few things come to mind – the romantic language, the city of Paris with all of its splendor and sights, and its cuisine – which pairs well with wine. Having said that, France has raised concerns over the issuance of “.wine” and “.vin” web domains by ICANN, as they are worried that these domains will […]

France: Companies Not Allowed To Contact Employees Electronically After Work Day Is Over
If you happen to stay in France and earn a living there, then you might be familiar with the following. They happen to have a 35 hour work week (do bear in mind that the 35-hour working week happens to be a measure that was first adopted in France back in February 2000, under the watch of Prime Minister Lionel Jospin’s Plural Left government. The 35 hours happen to be […]

France Fines Google 150,000 Euros
Google and France are in the limelight again, this time round with France’s data protection watchdog having slapped a 150,000 Euro fine on Google. The reason behind this fine? Apparently, Google has not complied with a three-month ultimatum that was issued some time ago in order to bring its practices on tracking and storing user information to be aligned with local law. The privacy watchdog is called CNIL, and it […]

Canned French Air Selling For $7.50 Each Is Making A Large Profit For Student
Earlier this year, we saw canned air go on sale in China, which you may or may not be aware is currently going through a smog issue. This made us think of a future similar to Spaceballs where clean air is fought over, and today, we’re hearing the selling of canned air has reached France.

Balle de Match Giant Pong Duel Spotted In France
We have seen some projects in the past that are on the Kaiju scale (although those would be Category 1 Kaijus, I presume) – such as this Philadelphia building that played a role as a Pong screen, and here we are with Balle de Match, which happens to be a giant pong duel that will be projected in Nantes, France. This particular Balle de Match project is the brainchild of […]

France Allegedly Has Its Own Surveillance System Similar To PRISM
France reportedly has its own data monitoring system that is quite like NSA's PRISM program. Its program is said to be headed by DGSE, the country's intelligence agency.

Rocket-Powered Bicycle Breaks Records With Top Speed Of 163MPH
A French bicyclist was able to use a hydrogen-powered rocket bike to reach a top speed of 163MPH.

France Mulls Over New Smartphone And Tablet Tax
How does a government earn its keep and run the country well? Apart from borrowing more money than it can ever repay, resulting in an ever growing national debt year on year, you could always find new ways to stem the bleeding by increasing government coffers, and one of the most commonly used methods would be to introduce new taxes as well as higher rates for prevailing taxes. Well, it […]

Skype Could Be Prosecuted In France After Failing To Register As A Telecom
“Call me an ambulance!” is an old joke to some by now, but if you were Skype in France, you would wish that you were not called a telecom, simply because you didn’t register as one, which has led to a French prosecutor to investigate the matter. According to French regulators, Skype has the possibility of facing prosecution as they have failed to register as an “electronic communications operator” with […]

Seismic Cloak Tested By France
Being on the wrong end of an earthquake is definitely no laughing matter, and countries that are situated in earthquake-prone fault lines would definitely have to do their bit in terms of building regulations to make sure that most of their buildings are built in a specific manner in order to withstand most earthquakes without crumbling down. Well, France has been testing out a new seismic cloak, which is supposed […]

‘Google tax’ details hammered out in France
The land of fine wine, food and women (in no particular order) might soon be the first country in the world that imposes taxes on search engines – if French President Francois Hollande has his way. He is working on a new kind of tax which will require search engines like Google to fork out money each time they make use of content from the French media. Hollande did work […]

French Central Bank password was 123456 (really)
A French citizen has unintentionally breached the security of the French central bank (Banque de France) over the phone and was freed by French authorities after being accused of “hacking” the central bank’s and triggering a 48-hours shut down of that particular computer system which handles the consumer indebtedness files (basically people who are flagged as having a very bad credit history).The man was trying to go around the paid […]

Google ordered to censor search terms in France
Despite removing certain terms from its Autocomplete and Instant search features, it looks like Google still isn’t doing enough to please the authorities. According to reports online, the French Supreme Court has ruled that Google should censor the words “torrent”, “rapidshare” and “megaupload” from its AutoComplete and Instant features. I’m not sure why because Google has already been doing this for some time now – last year, in fact. Maybe […]

MinuSkull speakers are handcrafted, looks good but doesn't come cheap
If you’re the type that values form over function, you might want to take a look at these MinuSkull speakers from Paris-based design duo, Kuntzel+Deygas. These skull-shaped speakers appear to make good use of the speaker’s tweeters as eyes, and combined with the rest of the body gives the illusion of a skull, albeit a friendly-looking one.