chinese-copsGetting locked out of your gaming account can be extremely annoying, especially if support services are slow which means that it could be days or weeks before you are given access to your account again. Well it seems that one gamer in China was a bit too impatient for his own good and after being locked out of his account for an online game titled Dream Three Kingdoms Online, he resorted to impersonating the local authorities to help get his account back, a move which ultimately led to his arrest on charges of forging an official document and an official seal.

The problem is the man, Zou, purchased the account from another player due to it being a high-level account, and we know how some gamers just want to play the end game and don’t really care for leveling. It is because he was not the original owner of the account, and one of the requirements was that local authorities had to verify that he was the owner, Zou resorted to forging a letter and an official seal. Unfortunately a typo on the seal was what gave it away and the authorities managed to track him down and detain him. It is unclear as to what his punishment will be, if it will merely be a fine or if Zou will face actual jail time, but what do you guys have to say about this? What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done to unlock your account?

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