There are various web browser extensions that stop ads from being displayed during a browsing session. Adblock Plus is one such extensions that’s actually quite popular. Ad blocking is something that irks both the ad networks as well as publishers that rely on incoming traffic to generate revenue. Google has allegedly paid Eyeo, the company that owns Adblock Plus, to not block its ads and put it on what is called the “Acceptable Ads” whitelist.


This whitelist is said to include Google as well as a number of other companies that don’t want their ads to be blocked online. However these other companies have not been named yet. It is not known exactly how much Google has allegedly paid for this privilege. Google and Eyeo have both reportedly not commented on these allegations as yet. Eyeo believes that unobstrusive ads should remain viewable during browsing sessions so long as they don’t become annoying. Eyeo acknowledges that they are paid by “some larger properties” that serve nonintrusive ads. It says that maintaining the whitelist requires a lot of effort from their end, its a task that they can’t entirely leave up to volunteers.

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