google-play-games-easter-eggSurveys have shown that Google is one of the better employees in the US out there, and anyone who has been to the Google Campus would have certainly seen how it promotes an atmosphere that encourages creativity. Hey, any workplace (other than a pet shop, of course) that allows me to bring my pooch over to the office gets my vote! The recently announced Google Play Games app has already been confirmed to arrive with a specific Easter Egg, which so happens to be the famous Konami Code. You know, the Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A routine.

Apparently, when you input the Konami Code anywhere in the Google Play Games app, you will be able to enjoy a geeky achievement, now how about that? Previous Google products that accept the Konami Code include a Chromebook Pixel, which would enable LEDs on the cover to flash, while when Google Reader was still operational, a ninja would show up while you browse your news. Just what other instances of the Konami Code would you like to see Google introduce into their gaggle of services down the road?

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