twitter-grenadaYou might have freedom of speech, but this freedom alone does not mean you need not take responsibility of what you say. Of course, some of us out there seem to be a whole lot less tactful compared to our friends, but there are some words that are deemed to be extremely offensive or insensitive to those around us, and once spoken, they cannot be retracted. So too, the same can somewhat apply to social media, and the tiny island nation of Grenada is having none of it as lawmakers there have decided to drop the banhammer on online mischief.

Basically, the island of Grenada does not want anyone else to simply say whatever that they want to spew on social media networks, and its lawmakers have agreed through a bill that makes it a crime to actually insult someone online. Hmmm, it does sound ideal, but what deems as an insult? In a nutshell, whenever you insult someone’s character or name, you are liable to face a fine of up to $37,000, or even be jailed for a total period of three years. Hopefully the Grenada lawmakers never come across sites like 4chan!

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