robo-museum-guideIt is a good thing that robots do not have feelings, but rather, work on a logical basis, as anyone who botches up at their job would be fearful of getting the sack, or at least being the laughing stock among their colleagues. Well, Honda Asimo humanoid robot ran into issues as a museum guide in Tokyo, but I do not think that it is too bothered by what people write about it on the Internet, truly living up to the maxim “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

The Honda Asimo robot ran into issues when it had to tell the difference between people raising their hands to ask questions, as well as those who were using their hands with a smartphone in its grasp, aiming to snap photos of exhibits at the Miraikan science museum. Whenever it detects a raise hand (or something similar), it will repeat a programmed remark, “Who wants to ask Asimo a question?”, and needless to say, the entire train of explanation will be disrupted. Guess last year’s upgrade is in need of a revamp.

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