sibalIt can be said in an extremely general statement that folks living in the East are more conservative than the West, where different cultures collide that makes crossing cultures and continents all the more fun. After all, the earth is a global village, and we do learn from one another, although some of the more “old school” minded folks prefer to maintain tradition even though they have long forgotten as to why such tradition was mooted in the first place. Well, word has it that Human Resources Development Minister, Kapil Sibal, is concerned about the availability of adult content on Android-powered devices, where national press there has quoted him as saying that phones developed on the Android platform are not suitable or safe for children.

It does make us scratch our heads and wonder, why is the Android platform singled out, and not any other platforms which can easily gain access to adult content as well, if you have the proper know now and technical knowledge in doing so? Needless to say, Google is not too happy with Sibal’s assessment of the situation, and a Google spokesperson mentioned, “Google Play developer programme policy does not allow content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Google has a zero-tolerance policy against child pornography.”

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