Are you looking forward to Pacific Rim, where huge 2,000 ton robots and huge monsters from the sea start to slug it out with one another (of course, there is some human backstory attached to it, but I think for the inner child in most of us, we would have paid money to view the slugfest between tech and flesh)? Japan seems to be at the forefront of all things digital – at least as depicted in their manga, and exoskeletons could very well be an everyday reality there. Sagawa Electronics, as you can view in the video above, has come up with the Powered Jacket MK3 that allows one who is a Japanese schoolgirl walk and run in it without missing a beat.

Heck, the Powered Jacket MK3 even seems to be “delicate” enough to pick up small objects without crushing them. Would these exoskeletons be the start of some new and strange trend among schoolkids? Most probably not, considering how they cost approximately $123,000 a pop. Each Powered Jacket MK3 would tip the scales at approximately 55 pounds, standing at roughly 7 feet in height. I don’t know about you, but it does seem as though a possible Real Steel scenario could unfold in the near future with such exoskeletons making the jump to brain-controlled robots.

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