the-liberator-gunThe Liberator has had made headlines in the past, where it was smuggled through the security checkpoints of an international airport successfully. Well, this time around the Liberator is back for its second dose of 15 minutes of fame, when it was smuggled into the Israeli parliament. This happened when investigative journalists from Channel 10 TV decided to see how watertight government security was, as they managed to slip a functioning 3D-printed gun into the Israeli Parliament (otherwise known as the Knesset), and into an address by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

These Channel 10 journalists managed to print the gun thanks to designs which hailed from U.S. nonprofit Defense Distributed, and while it had a solitary metal part, which was a nail that functioned as a firing pin, it did not trigger off the metal detector. Israeli Brigadier General Yossi Griff has this to say about future warfare that see weapons with plastic a distinct possibility (ala Magneto being kept in a plastic prison), “This is a new phenomenon that poses a whole new challenge to all the security systems in this country and the rest of the world.”

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