xp-2014In April this year, we did bring you word that Microsoft has plans to stop all support for Windows XP by April 8, 2014. I guess that day would eventually arrive, considering what a good and faithful servant that Windows XP had been for so many of us, as Windows Vista did leave a bad taste in our mouths, while Windows 7 redeemed our faith in Microsoft somewhat. I am still grappling with the “flat” design of Windows 8 at this point in time though, but the spotlight is clearly on Windows XP today, as we have received word that Microsoft intends Windows XP’s market share to drop under the 10% mark by the time April 8, 2014 arrives.

That date would also be a watershed moment, especially when you consider how Windows XP has been around for over a dozen years by then. Still, plenty of people still make use of Windows XP worldwide, where the most recent figures harvested from Net Applications did point to Windows XP being currently installed on more than 37% of all PCs globally. Are you still part of the Windows XP brigade?

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