moshi-moshi-watchWe are more or less a smartphone society these days, and while Bluetooth headsets do come in handy during situations when you do want to make the use of both hands, but most of the people out there still continue to carry their handsets in one hand to attend to an incoming call, or when making one. The idea of answering your phone calls on a watch is not new either, as the old comic strip, Dick Tracy, did expound the possibility of such a future before. Perhaps the Moshi Moshi watch might popularize this notion.

Thanko’s Moshi Moshi watch is no ordinary timepiece, as it also doubles up as a kind of Bluetooth headset, except that it will remain strapped to your wrist, of course. Whenever there is an incoming call to your mobile, the Moshi Moshi watch will vibrate as an alert to indicate that you should pick up that call – assuming it remains connected to your smartphone, of course. From there, just talk to your watch and you’re good to go. The main drawbacks? A lack of privacy in your conversations when you are in a crowded area, not to mention a Bluetooth headset looks much more convenient and cooler.

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