motox-backcolorsToday seems to be Moto X day, and I am not quite sure whether it is done on purpose by the folks over at Motorola to ensure that publicity concerning the upcoming “Assembled in the USA” handset hits a high during the middle of the week before the country takes a day off to celebrate Independence Day. Well, we have heard that the Moto X will come with customization options that include different colors and engraving courtesy of ABC News, and here we are with purple, red and lime green shades as you can see above, in the form of back plates. Hopefully what is seen at the back would also match up with what is offered upfront, right?

We strongly expect to see even more leaks of the Moto X in the days and weeks ahead, as its release draws nearer and nearer as each day passes by. If you have been holding out for a smartphone all this while, which would you go for this year? Would the Moto X be the one, as you get to exhibit your patriotic spirit at the same time? [Translated Page]

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