With services such as Twitter’s Vine and Instagram’s video, users are now able to upload short videos onto the social networking websites, and while companies have yet to come forward to embrace this new feature, MTV is certainly hoping to make a splash as they have revealed that they will be announcing the Video Music Awards through both Vine and Instagram video. Since either service does not allow for uploads of the lengthy nature, MTV will of course not be airing the entire show through Vine or Instagram, instead they will be using said services to air the Video of the Year nominees and contenders of other categories through the social networking websites.

The first video is expected to make its way online at 8AM ET on Wednesday, and according to MTV, it will make the VMA’s the first award show to announce their nominees via the social media video platforms. Additional nominees from other categories will be announced each subsequent hour. MTV is not new to the social network scene and have previous used Instagram to reveal the venue of this year’s VMAs, a move which apparently managed to attracted a quarter of a million Instagram likes, 16 million Twitter impressions, 8 million Facebook impressions, and 1 million Tumblr impressions, and so we have to wonder if this move will result in even higher numbers.

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