One of my favorite features of the Nintendo 3DS is its StreetPass feature, which allows me to magically connect with other 3DS’ in my immediate area to exchange a number of things, such as best times in New Super Mario Bros. 2. StreetPass has also been used through the Nintendo 3DS’ StreetPass Plaza, which allows you to view who you’ve connected with since you last opened up your device. Up until now, there were only two games available to play with your newly-acquired StreetPass pals, but today, Nintendo has released an update that not only adds more games to play, but also completely reorganizes how StreetPass Plaza works. 


After you update your Nintendo 3DS, you’ll then be able to update the StreetPass Plaza, and be given access to four new games: Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior’s Way and Monster Manor. Unfortunately, the new StreetPass Plaza games will now cost $5 for each game, but NIntendo is holding a promotion where you can get all four games for only $15 each.

In addition to these new games, today’s update also brings an additional Puzzle Swap picture, new Mii accessories and unlockable Mii hats. 3DS owners will also be able to change the facial expressions of their Mii when they StreetPass with another person.

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