nintendoregionfreeNintendo might have their massive fan base that has seen the company through good as well as bad times, but it seems that they have been receiving more flak than normal recently. In fact, it was not too long ago that a bunch of Nintendo fans worked together to collect signatures for their anti-region locking petition that catered for both the Wii U and 3DS. This was done after the PS4 as well as Xbox One next generation consoles were announced to be region free, and it proved to be high up on the wish list of Nintendo fans, and hence the petition has already garnered nearly 14,000 supporters, which was more than enough to prompt an official response from Nintendo.


Unfortunately, the response came in the form of a denial, and Nintendo of America said, “Nintendo has no plans to remove region locking from our systems. By taking this approach, Nintendo is able to include parental controls and ensure compliance with regional standards and rating systems.” Do you think that an avalanche of signatures on the petition will be able move mountains down the road? I doubt, but who knows, stranger things have happened in the past that it might prove foolish to write off the fans’ enthusiasm.

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