ouya-console-underperformsUh-oh, someone over at UK retailer GAME might run into a little career advancement troubles, especially after GAME ran a promotion on the recently introduced Ouya console that is powered by the Android mobile operating system from Google. Apparently, in this Ouya console promotion, one of the features of Ouya which was highlighted would not sit too well with legal eagles, with an SNES emulator being touted to be one of Ouya’s free software offerings.

Of course, owning an emulator or using one is not illegal, but the main issue about emulators is this – the ROMs that you tend to play with on the SNES emulator would be SNES games of old that have been ported over to be compatible with the emulator, and this happens to place them in an extremely gray legal area, and obviously to promote their use is not something an organization or company would do if you had a business arrangement with Nintendo – the manufacturer behind the SNES. We wonder how this promotional faux pas will play out in the end, but hopefully everything will be resolved amicably eventually.

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