Have you watched The Lone Ranger yet? Do you remember how Helena Bonham Carter’s character has an ivory leg that is not only strangely appealing to most men who want to touch it, it also comes in pretty handy whenever one is in a tight spot – as it contains a hidden weapon inside that packs quite a punch. Well, prosthetics do help those who are disabled in a certain manner to get around more comfortably and efficiently without any assistance, but this time around, prosthetics on full able-bodied humans are being added – as these would function as fully interactive musical instruments.

These musical instrument prosthetics were developed by researchers at the McGill University’s Input Devices and Music Interaction Lab, and the project name is called Instrumented Bodies. This project is an amalgamation of digital technology, 3D printing, and modern dance, all brought together into a seamless mix of data and artistry. The prosthetic instruments happen to range from head-mounted visors to circuitry-laced rib cages to artificial spines, just watch the video above and be awed. It would be interesting to see whether future performances in theaters would feature such acts on a more common basis, and whether folks are willing to pay top dollar for it.

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