We’ve seen humans build an entire leg out of LEGOs, and even more amazing, the woman who built the LEGO leg was able to walk on it. Now, it’s the animal’s turn as a turtle has been spotted with an appendage that is LEGO-inspired.

Schildi is a pet turtle that was abandoned, and as a result, lost his leg due to an injury. Due to the surgery, Schildi was left with just three legs, which makes for getting around very difficult for turles. As a result, one of the veterinarians that was observing his recovery decided to build Schildi a prosthetic.

A LEGO base block was connected to the bottom of Shildi through the use of a strong surgical glue in addition to the use of superglue to connect the corners of the block. Once the block achieved the proper height when attached to Shildi, Dr. Azmanis connected a single wheel to the LEGO block, and has certainly helped in the turtle become more mobile.

Dr. Azmanis expects to see Shildi about once a year as he’ll probably need to replace the wheel as turtles are known for moving around quite a bit. Their speed, though, is a completely different thing.

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