smart-watch-nexus-genericIt seems that everyone is interested in creating smart watches these days. While smart watches aren’t exactly new, it is possible that the success of Kickstarter projects like Pebble have made tech giants sit up and take notice of a possible new product line. So far we’ve seen companies such as Samsung, LG, Google, and even Apple show interest (some of it is rumored), and now it looks like Qualcomm could be interested as well. The chip maker has recently filed for a trademark for a device called the “Qualcomm TOQ” on the 26th of June, and while we don’t know what the “TOQ” acronym might stand for, the trademark has been filed for a device that has been described as a “Personal communication hub in the form of a wristwatch; portable electronic devices for transmitting and reviewing text, data, image, and audio files; hands free devices for mobile phones; battery chargers.”

If that doesn’t describe a smart watch, we don’t know what does! Qualcomm has typically been a behind-the-scenes player, providing chipsets to more commercial companies such as Samsung, LG, HTC, and etc. It is possible that this could merely be a reference design that Qualcomm can use to sell to other companies, or it could be a way for Qualcomm to demonstrate that their chips can be used in smart watches as well.

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