jplSometime later this year, the folks over at DARPA will be hosting the Robotics Challenge, an event where many people expect it to have a huge impact. At the Robotics Challenge, you can be sure that you will find large as well as expensive robots navigating through the various obstacle courses set before them, and they will also have the task of completing complex problems which will simulate just how robots are able to help out us humans after a major disaster. According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), they will be making their stance with a monkey-based robot, aptly called the RoboSimian. The RoboSimian will boast a quartet of general purpose limbs without any real front, being designed for economy of motion as well as enhanced perceptual awareness.

Right now, RoboSapien would remain under construction, but it sure is being worked at constantly so that it can participate in the Robotics Challenge that will kick off later this December. I myself have no doubt whatsoever that a multi-limbed robot like this is more than capable of helping out humankind during times of great disaster, and it will be able to do so tirelessly, too.

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