Volition and Deep Silver confirmed the banning of Saints Row 4 in Australia over their concerns of the game’s “sexual violence.” Both companies said they would be working on a tweaked version of the game that would tone down much of what the Australian Classification Board (ACB) found offensive, which looks to already be available for pre-purchase on Steam.

Saints Row 4’s “Low Violence” version has been spotted on Steam Australia recently, although the game’s description doesn’t give any information as to what exactly has been done in order for it to be considered a low-violence version. Hopefully Volition and Deep Silver’s compliance to the ACB will result in Saints Row 4 being released in Australia, although we’re sure many Aussies will want to get the un-edited version of the game to see what all the fuss was about.

At this time, both Deep Silver and Volition are keeping quiet about Saints Rows 4’s “Low Violence” version, but we just hope they didn’t make remove too much of the game’s violence as beating the snot out of random pedestrians is what makes open sandbox games so much fun.

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