The world’s population has been growing at such an explosive rate that we could be touching the magical 7 billion mark in the near future, and there are still so many issues left to ponder over. Will there be enough food and water for everyone, will most countries develop in tandem with one another, and will abject poverty and human trafficking be stamped out? Those are heavy questions to answer, but one thing is for sure – the smartphone industry does not look as though it is going to shrink anytime soon. In fact, a new report from IHS claims that shipments of smartphones has the potential to grow substantially over the next few years, hitting 1.5 billion units by 2017.

There were also previous reports that pointed to the possibility of Android shipments making up 1 billion of those smartphones in 2017 itself. Of course, these are just projected figures that are not written in stone, so other companies who think that they can go against the Android tide are more than welcome to dispel such a notion or “prophecy”. We are interested to see how the app scenery is going to change with the continuous explosive growth of smartphones across all countries.

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