sony-xperia-tablet-z-review-16It is an established fact that smartphones in Japan tend to work only in Japan, although there has been exceptions to the rule in the past. Still, majority of them would not work too well outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, and some of these handsets have even achieved cult status such as Fujitsu’s F-Series handset being the phone of choice for adulterers. Having said that, some of the more advanced handsets in Japan do support Full Seg digital TV capability, which virtually allows you to catch up on your favorite TV shows no matter where you are in Japan, as long as there is a signal, I suppose.

Well, one of the latest devices that boasts of this capability would be the Sony Xperia Tablet Z, where it is also known as the SO-03E if model numbers are your cup of tea, as it will be on the receiving end of a new update later this August or September which will see the introduction of Full Seg digital TV support. At the moment, the Xperia Tablet Z supports only One-Seg on NTT DoCoMo, but when it receives the Full Seg update later this year, you will be able to enjoy high definition broadcasts on your Xperia Tablet Z. Hopefully the battery life will be able to hold out if you are always watching broadcasts on your tablet.

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