Back in October last year, we did report that Starbucks debuted the in-store wireless charging capability for smartphones across 17 stores throughout Boston. Well, this time around, Starbucks has decided to team up with Powermat in order to deliver a similar wireless charging technology to the Silicon Valley. In fact, the very first installation of this wireless charging capability is said to be completed later this Sunday over at a San Jose store, where there will be up to 10 area locations that will experience a similar set up before August is over.

Why was the Silicon Valley chosen for this particular endeavor? Well, Powermat President Daniel Schreiber did mention that this particular move was made so that it can boost the technology’s exposure among key industry players. After all, did not AT&T already confirm that some of its smartphones will play nice with the PMA standard from next year onwards? This move could signal Starbucks as the go-to place to cure your dead battery anxiety in the future. If you want to have a better idea on just where wireless charging can be found, you can head on here. [Press Release]

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