A number of announcements were expected today from T-Mobile, after it sent out invites for an event nearly two weeks ago. We had rumors that perhaps the carrier would launch “phase 2” of its UNcarrier initiative, which would bring new rate plans, among other things. T-Mobile has already announced the rumored Jump! program today, which lets customers upgrade their phones twice a year for a $10 monthly charge. The carrier has also added a new no-contract family plan to its lineup.

Under this new plan, a family of four can get unlimited talk, text messaging and 500MB of full speed wireless data all for $100 per month. There will be no credit check or contract with this new plan. There had been rumors about a week ago that T-Mobile would be adding a new Simple Choice plan that would no longer require a credit check. Customers who opt for this planwill have to pay a deposit which is basically a surety in the absence of a credit check. The carrier has said that this deposit will be equal to the service charge of an entire month.

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