Microsoft’s Windows 8 was released to the public roughly eight months ago, and today, the company is announcing its Windows Store has surpassed the 100,000 app mark. During last week’s Build conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had predicted the company’s Windows Store would reach a total of 100,000 apps in July, and he was completely right, although it certainly was close to being a late-June celebration.

Microsoft’s Windows Store for Windows 8 reaching 100,000 within eight months is pretty fast when compared to how long it took its Windows Phone Store to reach that mark, which was approximately 18 months after its release.

So what does this all mean for you, the regular, everyday consumer? It means more developers are creating Windows 8-specific applications, which means those running Windows 8 can expect an experience that has been built to take advantage of your operating system. It also means you can expect the growth of the Windows Store to continue to progress, thus making even more applications available for you to install on your Windows 8 machines.

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