ASUS’ chairman, Jonney Shih, recently came out saying Windows RT is “not very promising” and it looks like the company’s view of the OS as being “not very promising” has turned into something worse as they have announced they will no longer be manufacturing Windows RT tablets.

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen spoke with the WSJ citing the reason for the company’s dropping of Windows RT is due to “weak sales” as well as “industry sentiment… that Windows RT has not been successful.” Windows RT getting the boot means ASUS is now able to focus solely on creating Windows 8 devices that will run on Intel chips due to the backwards compatibility that Windows RT lacks.

Shen certainly makes a valid point as pretty much everyone has counted Windows RT as being an OS that just isn’t worth the trouble. Considering just how much more both consumers and manufacturers can get out of featuring Windows 8 on their computers, there just isn’t a viable reason as to why anyone would go through the trouble of making Windows RT the OS of choice. We’re not surprised by today’s news and we wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more manufacturers announce they plan on ditching Windows RT as well.

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